YouTube is an extremely popular destination for everything from entertainment to educational videos.  As Google continues to develop the brand it will become even more popular.  We’ll help you leverage YouTube’s popularity and make your ads available to millions of YouTube users.  At Titan WebSolutions, we make YouTube Advertising easy.  Our Creative Department can generate video ads to strengthen your brand.  Whether you’d like a several short clips, or a full length commercial, we’re here to help.  Graphic Design, Audio, Video, Animation and Post Production Editing can all be used to make your ad stand out.  Our development fee starts at $495 and varies based on the complexity of your ad.

In addition to creating your ad, we offer Campaign Management.  As part of a monthly subscription service, we actively manage and optimize your YouTube Advertising campaign.  We charge $30/month + 10% of your desired YouTube Advertising Budget.  If you want to buy $500 worth of YouTube  Advertising, we charge you $580.  Of this, $500 is allocated to YouTube Ads, $80 ($30 + 10% of $500) is retained by Titan WebSolutions.  You may modify or cancel your advertising level at any time, however, the change will not take effect until the next billing cycle.

Ad creation is also available!

YouTube Ad creation is simple when you allow us to do the work for you!  We create ad to meet your requirements and make an impact on YouTube. Ad complexity varies greatly based on customer requirements. We charge an initial set-up fee of $195 and bill at a rate of $75/hour with a 4 hour minimum. When you order online we charge the minimum fee. Your final price will be determined by the actual development time. Customers are responsible for payment in full after approval and before delivery of the ad.

Base Price/Deposit $495.00

We will initiate and maintain your YouTube Ads Campaign, potentially eliminating hours of work from your monthly routine.  Our program is simple.  You provide a video ad along with a spreadsheet specifying keywords. keyword phrases, and target audience – We do the rest.  The fee for this service is $30 per month plus 10% of your YouTube advertising budget.  When you sign up for our $300/month YouTube Ads spend, your associated bill will be $360/month ($300 + $30 + $30).