Product Set Up & Campaign Management for Google Shopping

Google Shopping is one of the premier ecommerce marketing programs for retailers.  At Titan WebSolutions, we make Google Shopping easy.  Our Catalog Development and Campaign Management Programs eliminate almost all work required on your part.  We offer two Catalog set up options.  In our most comprehensive plan, we’ll extract data from your active ecommerce site and compile it for use on Google Shopping.  If you’d prefer a reduced price option, you may assemble the required data in our spreadsheet template and submit it to us for processing.  Either way, we’ll get your catalog built quickly.

In addition to building your catalog, we offer Campaign Management.  As part of a monthly subscription service, we actively manage and optimize your Google Shopping campaign.  Because we separate Product Set Up and Campaign Management, there are no monthly “per item” fees.  Our management pricing is straight forward and completely transparent.  We charge $30/month + 10% of your desired Google Shopping Ads Budget.  If you want to buy $200 worth of Google Shopping Advertising, we charge you $250.  Of this, $200 is allocated to Google, $50 ($30 + 10% of $200) is retained by Titan WebSolutions.  You may modify or cancel your advertising level at any time, however, the change will not take effect until the next billing cycle.

Google Shopping Product Set Up - from $1 per item

$1 per item requires customer furnished data.

Google Shopping | Product Set Up

Product Set Up on Google Shopping is simple when you allow us to do the work for you!  We build your Google Product Catalog and prepare your products and services for a marketing campaign on Google Shopping.  Set Up is fast and affordable.  When you provide the required data in our template, the price is only $1 per item.  If you’d like us to compile data from your active website, the price is still an attractive $2.50 per item.  To get started, select your data type, add the desired number of products to your cart, and place your order.  We’ll get get to work right away!


Google Shopping | Campaign Management

Following Catalog set up, we can manage your Google Shopping Campaign. This could eliminate hours of work from your monthly routine and free up resources to be used elsewhere.  Our program is simple.  You tell us how much you want to spend each month then we optimize and manage your campaign.  The fee for this service is $12 per month plus 10% of your Google Shopping Ad Budget.  When you sign up for our $100/month Google Shopping spend, your associated bill will be $122/month ($100 + $12 + $10).  You may modify your subscription at any time.